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Our goal is to simplify and democratize the total wellness experience, helping you live longer and better.

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With a unique and innovative approach to behavior change incentives, Fully helps people build their wellness journey, achieving balance between physical, mental and financial aspects, at their own pace, in a personalized journey.

We work with an ecosystem of strategic partners supporting the relationship with its customers and providing gains in quality of life and longevity, through an experience that expands the value of well-being for individuals, companies and society as a whole.

Awareness, Action, Achievements, Rewards. Live the Fully experience.

Live Fully

A total wellness experience

Our vision of well-being encompasses physical, mental and financial aspects, encompassing the dimensions that contribute to a healthy and balanced life. To improve the three pillars, we work to change customer behavior and share knowledge, set short-term goals and reward people for the goals achieved.

total well-being

Physical well-being

Conheça, melhore a sua saúde e obtenha recompensas. Com as avaliações de saúde física, nutricional e mental você avalia as suas condições atuais e recebe feedbacks para melhorar as rotinas e fazer mudanças de comportamento duradouras.

Mental well-being

Oferecemos uma tecnologia capaz de avaliar de forma objetiva o bem-estar mental e personalizar programas de meditação diária. As sessões podem ter metas distintas, desde a melhora do sono a relaxamento, podendo ser realizadas em poucos minutos a qualquer horário do dia.

Financial well-being

Tenha uma visão geral da sua vida financeira e planeje os seus sonhos com a ajuda do Fully. Você terá também auxílio de um planejador financeiro virtual, com vídeos, quizes e tutoriais que o ajudarão a conhecer melhor as suas finanças e controlar o seu orçamento.


The Fully experience is built on a state-of-the-art platform, bringing together in one place the main features of applications specialized in different aspects of well-being. The result is a digital tool customized for you, integrated and easy to use.

Know your health

Answer exclusive questionnaires about aspects of your physical, mental and financial life. The questions were developed from scientific studies that help to outline the well-being profile. At the end of the evaluations, the result of each of the pillars composes a global scale of the client's current quality of life.

Improve your health

Get feedback on your health and learn which areas need improvement. We offer exclusive content that helps in the process of changing customer behavior, contributing to consistent and long-term improvement.

Take care of your financial health

Receive guidance from financial planners and learn how to manage your financial life. Make your dreams come true in a planned way, through the goal simulator. Get access to exclusive content about investments and home budgeting.

Discover your Vitality Age

Your habits directly influence your life expectancy and by answering the questionnaires, you will discover your Vitality age. Unlike the chronological age, the Vitality age is based on your behaviors regarding physical activity, mental health care and nutrition.

Track your overall well-being

Manage your physical, mental and financial health results on a single platform. Learn how to improve in each of the pillars with exclusive content and follow your evolution in real time.

Manage your food plan

Make healthy and conscious choices in your food. Log your meals and keep track of the calories consumed daily. Ask questions about the composition of foods and have access to exclusive content developed based on guidelines from nutritionists and doctors.

Mental health

Enjoy the benefits of daily meditation by incorporating daily practices as your time permits. Get guidance from your goals with morning relaxation or sleep improvement meditations.

Earn Fully coins and exchange on Marketplace

Get rewarded for your efforts. By meeting weekly goals, you will receive virtual coins that are cumulative and can be exchanged for products and services. Rewards are weekly, monthly and yearly.

features and release notes

Current version

Splash Screen
Account Creation
Member Verification
Partners Verification
Login / Authentication
Onboarding questionnaires
Coach marks
Home screen
My Wellness Quick Glance
My Nudges, Notifications
My Mini Profile
Account Preferences (partial)
Platform Functionalities
User communication /Error
Multi-Lingual Configuration
Form Renderer
Nudges Configuration
Server Driven Nudges
Filter nudges
App linking for health data (Apple health through Menu and nudge)
Device linking for health data (Strava, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar)


Vitality – Physical dimension
Device linking
Apple Health linking (Google linking)
Savvi – Financial dimension
Mobio – Mental dimension
Azumio – Nutritional tracker

Wellness Balance

Wellness Balance (Overall)
Wellness Balance per dimension
Wellness Balance Configuration (Backend)


• Weekly Goal
• Physical exercises – completion to earn coins with health data
• Limited bonus activities (Mental & Financial Wellness)


Coins management (backend configurable)
Coins summary for Bonus actions in the Rewards page
Access to Marketplace


Content management system (CMS) for Wellness articles

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